Innosilicon T3-39T (with PSU)


Innosilicon T3-39T (with PSU)


Hashrate: 39TH/s (+/-5%)
Power Consumption: 2100W
Dimensions: 430mm(L)*141mm(W)*220mm(H)
Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Network Connection: Ethernet
ASIC Boost Enabled with a proper license

2200W/ 220V PSU Included

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Innosilicon T3-39T

Innosilicon T3-39T is best bitcoin miner. The worldwide leader of crypto currency mining ASIC manufacturer. Unveiled the 10nm innovative SHA256 miner. The Terminator T3-39T miner, which is a leap forward in the current hot contested BTC mining market. This new product again showcase the Innosilicon’s engineering capacity to deliver the most advanced mining ASIC miners nonstop. T3-39T adopts the state of the art semiconductor technology with the innovative dynamic frequency scaling architecture for added efficiency and reliability. The typical hash rate reaches 43TH/s (+/-5%) per miner. So power consumption can go as low as 48.83W/TH at the wall in the high efficiency mode. Innosilicon T3-39T miners will generate considerable better ROI. Cost much less to operate over competition. And will be the last one standing as today’s mining difficulty increases sharply.

Quality Product

Finally the T3-43T miner makes 39TH/s. Which is surely to lead the future market with unbeatable price. So mine Bitcoin from your home. The Innosilicon T3-39T offer its customers best mining competitive advantage. So significantly lower operating cost. And higher ROI and longevity in all conditions. Because it has a small form factor. Low noise. So better quality and more reliable. Also designed to win and possess. And best ever resell values. Innosilicon T3-39T is in volume production and open for order now finally! Or view more miners.

Professional Miners

Innosilicon is the worldwide one stop shop industry and leader in high speed interface IP. And cryptography mining ASIC Miners for Bitcoin finally. Litecoin. Ethereum. ZCash. Decred. SIA. Dash. Cryptonight. And other leading digital currencies. So innosilicon’s mining equipment and ASIC is best performance. Also the HK based company’s innovative approach. Finally hardware allows for a new ASIC to be launched every three months. Innosilicon also is the industry leader in design. And manufacture specialized cryptography ASIC. That are required for Proof of Work blockchains such as Bitcoin. ZCash. Litecoin. Decred and other leading digital currencies. Produces Cryptocoin Miners. Equihash Miner. Ethash Miner. SHA256 Miner. Bitcoin Miner. Scrypt Miner. Litecoin Miner. X11 Miner. Dash Miner. Blake2B Miner. Cryptonight Miner even more. So Buy now.


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